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"Tajdaro ke Na Ameero Ke Deeye Jalte Hai Sada Fakeero Ke"

About Almast Baba Lal Badshah Ji

Mankind has always been looking forward to God & his kindness which comes in various forms and packages such as holy soul Almast Baba Lal Badshah ji, Nakodar wale. The man came walking from the suburbs of the other side of India which is now in Pakistan. Detached from the family which proceeded further and Babaji perhaps was in receipt of the orders of the almighty to represent the supreme power. A god gifted and stamped Almast Baba Lal Badshah ji, sufi saint has been medicating to the poor and needies since then (1947). At his dera, the time has witnessed people from all the religions and genres to receive their part in form of blessings through Babaji.

His first appearance has always been “quiet” serene with a blissful smile on his face. The local god was always on a move along with his disciples to spread the love and peace to the mankind. People have always looked foreword to Babaji to convey their desires and prayers to the supreme power which in return they have always found. Babaji was sufi in all terms therefore never loved anything anyone besides god. His connectivity with the supreme has always been very pure and strong that no one came out dissatisfied from what they prayed.

The Almast Baba Lal Badshah is the place for the needies and people in pain. The dera is open for all.

As the supreme ministry wanted Babaji to serve in a bigger manner therefore he left the world on 26th March 2000 at 11:15 p.m.